Scandals / AIDS

Cantwell, Alan Jr. AIDS and the Doctors of Death: An Inquiry Into the Origin of the AIDS Epidemic. Los Angeles: Aries Rising Press, 1988. 239 pages.

Cantwell, Alan Jr. Queer Blood: The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot. Los Angeles: Aries Rising Press, 1993. 157 pages.

Alan Cantwell is a Los Angeles-based dermatologist and AIDS microbiology researcher who has published more than thirty papers on cancer, AIDS, and other immunological diseases. In 1986, Cantwell heard a presentation by Dr. Robert Strecker, who argued that AIDS originated with the hepatitis B vaccine trials in New York City in the late 1970s. Cantwell became convinced that Strecker was onto something, and began digging into the evidence.

The two books by Cantwell in NameBase, "AIDS and the Doctors of Death" and "Queer Blood," argue the position that the AIDS virus was first engineered, perhaps for defensive bio-warfare purposes, and then spread through contamination of vaccines: hepatitis B in New York City, and the smallpox vaccine in Africa. The evidence is based on the nature of AIDS, as well as on the circumstances surrounding early reported cases. Cantwell hasn't quite decided whether this vaccine contamination was accidental or deliberate, but as a gay himself who has seen many of his friends die, he understandably leans in the direction of paranoia. The strength of these books is that they debunk the popular "green monkey" theories on the origin of AIDS, and present a credible alternative explanation that our major media is not in a position to provide.

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