University of Cincinnati
Letter from law dean Joseph P. Tomain to CIA

ER 90-4845

College of Law
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0040

University of Cincinnati

November 2, 1990

Hon. William H. Webster
Director of Central Intelligence Agency
Washington, D.C. 20505

Dear Judge Webster,

      I attended the Program for Law Deans on October 29-30, 1990. I was unprepared for that experience. I accepted the invitation partly out of curiosity and partly out of a desire to learn more about the mission of the Agency.

      I anticipated that our meetings would be informative and that I would come away with data about the Agency that I had not contemplated. While those anticipations were amply satisfied, I came away with much more.

      Every deputy director and everyone from public affairs were outstanding and impressive. I came away with the feeling that the Agency enjoys a great spirit of family and comradery. Everyone we met was thorough, professional, dedicated, and conveyed a sense of loyalty and patriotism to the Agency and to the United States that was palpable. The issues that your lawyers confront are as exciting as any in the profession. The work done in each directorate is as stimulating as anything I can imagine. Indeed, to call the headquarters a campus is entirely appropriate for you have some of the brightest minds that is has [sic] been my privilege to meet.

      I am sure I am not alone in these sentiments and I wanted to convey to you my great appreciation and gratitude for having had this opportunity to meet an outstanding and first-class group of persons.

              Respectfully yours,


              Joseph P. Tomain
              Dean and Nippert Professor of Law

cc: Mr. Michael A. Turner, Co-ordinator for Academic Affairs
     Mr. Joseph R. D. Trani [sic], Director of Public Affairs

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