University of California at Los Angeles

Let's call it the 'Patrice Lumumba Memorial Scholarship Fund'

Letter from engineering dean A.R. Frank Wazzan to CIA

University of California, Los Angeles


Office of the Dean
School of Engineering and Applied Science
7400 Boelter Hall
405 Hilgard Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90024-1600

January 16, 1992     

Dr. Gary E. Foster
Deputy Director for Planning
   and Coordination
Central Intelligence Agency
Washington DC 20505

Dear Dr. Foster:

      The School of Engineering at UCLA has long been a leader in the development of programs designed to enhance recruitment and retention of minority students to pursue studies in Engineering and Applied Science. The program has been most successful as is evident from the attached material. The Program is directed by Mr. Enrique Ainsworth who reports indirectly to me via Professor Stephen Jacobsen, Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

      Funding for the Program at the $400K level is provided by the University (46%) and by various foundations, federal grants and industry. With this letter, we are seeking your Agency's support for our minority students recruitment and retention program at the $35K/year level. I have no doubt you will find our program worthy of your support and that your association with it will prove most beneficial to the Agency and to our programs and students.

              Sincerely yours,


              A. R. Frank Wazzan


TELEPHONE ???????       FAX ???????

CIA whips out checkbook, but what if it's illegal?

Memo from CIA deputy director to the Agency's lawyer

EEO 92-0008
21 January 1992

MEMORANDUM FOR: General Counsel

FROM: Gary E. Foster, Deputy Director for Planning & Coordination

SUBJECT: Sponsorship for Academic Institution

      1.   I am under the impression that to be a sponsor or provide grants to any academic institution, a formal opinion from your office is required.

      2.   The Directorate of Science and Technology is prepared to be a sponsor of the Minority Engineering Program at the University of California at Los Angeles, California, but not without an approval from your office. I am planning a trip to UCLA during the last week of January and would like to present a check to the Dean of the School of Engineering for $35,000. The DDS&T would like a formal opinion in order to release the funds. D/EEO understands from staff-level contact in OGC that this is legal. Can you say so formally in order to make this possible ASAP?

              Gary E. Foster

Zero for three (we may have hit the tip of an iceberg)

1.  E-mail to the Daily Bruin:

Subj: UCLA asked CIA for money in 1992
Date: 5/28/01

Ms. Christine Byrd, Editor
UCLA Daily Bruin

Dear Ms. Byrd:

Our site at has posted two documents, obtained from the CIA, under our title, "UCLA asks CIA for affirmative action funds."

Since these documents are from early 1992, we would, if further information is available, like to post a follow-up.

Specifically, we would appreciate your assistance in obtaining answers to these questions:

1)   Was the $35,000 contribution from the CIA actually received by the School of Engineering?

2)   Has the CIA made other contributions to any departments at UCLA since then?

3)   Does the money that the CIA contribute get lumped in with money from other sources, or is it accounted for separately?

4)   If separately accounted, then we would like to post the names of any students who benefitted from the CIA's contribution.

We feel that this information is very much in the public interest, and raises serious questions about the CIA's role in academia, as well as questions about the lack of administrative policies within academia that speak to this issue.

If the Daily Bruin makes an effort to answer these questions in the form of a story, we would be interested in posting a copy of this story on our site.

Thank you,
Daniel Brandt
PIR founder & president

2.  A similar e-mail to the press person at UCLA's School of Engineering ( also brought no response.

3.  Finally, a fax to UCLA's grant analyst for the School of Engineering brought no response.

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