FBI and CIA Documents

1. J. Edgar Hoover Declares War on the New Left

2. CIA Document: How to Co-opt Academia

3. CIA Employs Propaganda Assets to Refute Warren Commission Critics

4. Report from CIA's 1970 Anti-Allende Task Force

5. FBI Report on Chile's DINA

6. Gloria Steinem Spies on Students for the CIA

7. Task Force on Greater CIA Openness    Q: How does CIA draw the line between "greater openness" and an increase in illegal domestic propaganda?
A: With invisible ink.

8. DoD + DOJ = Big, Big Brother

9. CIA Documents from the Tehran Embassy

10. CIA HQ to Santiago station: Overthrow Allende

11. Ben Bradlee: Dispatched by the CIA

12. Richard Helms and BCCI

13. U.S. Intelligence Fingered Charles Horman

14. Operation Condor Documents

15. Indonesia 1965: CIA death lists

16. Google and the NSA:   page 1     page 2     page 3     NSA slide1     NSA slide2

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