From Inside the Company: CIA Diary by Philip Agee (Harmondsworth, Middlesex, England: Penguin Books, 1975), pp. 361-62:

Montevideo, 1 April 1964

It's all over for Goulart in Brazil much faster and easier than most expected.... U.S. recognition of the new military government is practically immediate, not very discreet but indicative, I suppose, of the euphoria in Washington now that two and a half years of operations to prevent Brazil's slide to the left under Goulart have suddenly bloomed.

Our campaign against him took much the same line as the ones against communist infiltration in the Velasco and Arosemena governments two and three years ago in Ecuador. According to Holman [Ned Holman, CIA Chief of Station in Montevideo], the Rio station and its larger bases were financing the mass urban demonstrations against the Goulart government, proving the old themes of God, country, family and liberty to be effective as ever. Goulart's fall is without doubt largely due to the careful planning and consistent propaganda campaigns dating at least back to the 1962 election operation.

Foreign Service List

April 1964 (Revised as of March 20, 1964)

United States of America, Department of State

[Excerpt of only the section for Brazil]


The Foreign Service List, issued quarterly by the Department of State, is compiled primarily for use by the Department of State, the Foreign Service, and other United States Government Agencies to provide information on the assignments of Foreign Service personnel and other United States personnel assigned overseas. The information it contains has also been found useful by American business firms, various groups and individuals, and foreign governments.

The List includes: chiefs of mission; Foreign Service officers; Foreign Service Reserve officers; Foreign Service Staff officers of class six and above; Foreign Service Staff officers of class seven and eight with the title "vice consul" when assigned to a post having a complement of one, two or three officers; and consular agents. Special sections are also included on officers of the Agency for International Development, the Peace Corps, the United States Information Agency, the Foreign Agricultural Service of the United States Department of Agriculture, the Departments of Army, Navy, and Air Force, and United States Missions to International Organizations.

Personnel are listed in this publication at their respective posts, with their titles, category, and class. The date of assignment listed for ambassadors and ministers is the date of attestation and/or recess appointment; for all other officers at the post, the effective date of transfer is listed except in cases where a commission is involved for a consul general, consul, or vice consul. This information is taken from personnel action forms.

The listing of personnel at Embassy and Legation posts is by section and is alphabetical within the section with the exception of the chief of mission, the deputy chief of mission, and the section chief who are listed first under each section. At all other posts the listing is alphabetical except for the principal officer who appears first under each post.

A section is also included giving data on the opening and closing of posts; posts changed in rank and status; and other pertinent data.

Only that information received prior to the revision date of the publication is included. Therefore, the List does not necessarily reflect the current diplomatic or consular status of every individual listed. Users in the United States may ascertain the current status of any officer of the United States assigned to a Foreign Service post by communicating with the Department of State, Washington, D.C., 20520. Users overseas may secure the same information by communicating with the American Embassy or Legation in that country.

This List is compiled by the Division of Publishing Services, Office of Operations, and necessary corrections should be reported to that Division.


Rio de Janeiro (E)


Gordon, Lincoln, A., E. and P. 9-18-61
Mein, John G., min-couns.; cons.gen. (O-1) 1-20-63
Avallone, Mildred A., sec. asst. (S-4) 5-31-59


Keppel, John, couns. pol. aff.; cons. (O-2) 3-3-63
Arenales, Alfonso, 3d sec.; pol. off. (O-7) 9-17-61
Baker, Herbert W., 1st sec.; labor att. (O-3) 10-27-63
Brady, Thomas A., att.; pol. off. (R-4) 7-23-61
Cann, Ruth E., pol. asst. (S-5) 10-29-61
Carson, Charles C., 1st sec.; pol. off. (O-3) 5-27-62
Clearman, Albert M., pol. asst. (S-4) 3-11-63
Dyer, Donald R., geog. spec. (R-5) 2-4-62
Fishburn, John T., 1st sec.; labor att. (O-2) 9-8-57
Gahagen, Robert D., att.; pol. off. (R-3) 4-28-63
Gardiner, L. Keith, pol. off. (R-7) 11-2-62
Gresham, Vernet L., 1st sec.; pol. off. (R-2) 3-17-63
Hathaway, Gardner H., att.; pol. off. (R-5) 9-20-62
Hibbs, Russell S., att.; pol. off. (R-6) 7-8-62
Kilday, Lowell C., 2d sec.; pol. off. (O-5) 2-16-64
Lawrence, John O., att.; pol. off. (R-4) 6-4-62
Neves, Antonio L., att. (R-6) 7-16-62
Penn, Lawrence A., pol. off. (R-8) 11-1-63
Shapiro, Harold, 1st sec.; asst. labor att. (R-3) 12-17-61
Simonpietri, Andre C., sci. att. (R-1) 6-4-62
Smith, Robert B., pol. asst. (S-6) 2-3-63
Smith, William. L., att.; pol. off. (R-5) 6-23-63
Yelton, David L., pol. asst. (S-4) 3-11-63


Kubish, Jack B., min-couns. ec. aff. (O-1) 1-19-64
Elwood, Robert B., couns. ec. off.; cons. gen. (O-1) 10-13-63
Bash, Edward J., cml. att. (O-3) 6-12-60
Crane, Ray H., 2d sec.; t.c.o. (O-5) 9-15-63
Goldstein, Bernice A., 2d sec.; cml. off. (O-4) 9-18-60
Grover, Charles W., 2d sec.; ec. off. (O-4) 4-28-63
Haydel, Belmont F., Jr., att.; cml. off. (R-6) 10-27-63
Krizay, John, 2d sec.; fin. off. (O-4) 6-12-60
Ransome, Alfred L., att.; minls. off. (R-3) 9-9-61


Davis, Roy T., Jr., 1st. sec.; cons. gen.; cons. off. (O-2) 8-18-63
Hunter, Grace M., sec. (S-6) 9-6-59
Kemp, Katherine L., 2d sec.; cons.; visa off. (O-5) 3-17-63
Ryan, Robert J., Jr., 3d sec.; v.c.; cons. off. (O-7) 3-1-64
Werner, Norman M., 2d sec.; cons.; cons. off. (O-5) 2-3-63


Loupe, Sylvain R., couns. for adm.; cons. (O-2) 5-31-59
Abell, Helen T. asst. d.o. (S-3) 3-19-61
Abidian, John V., att. (R-4) 5-27-62
Becker, Gilbert D., Jr., coms. spec. (S-6) 8-23-63
Bush, John M., coms. spec. (S-5) 9-20-63
Colletti, John T., att.; off. (R-5) 7-8-62
Finne, Florence H., 1st sec.; pers. off. (O-3) 8-19-62
Gordhamer, John W., 2d sec.; bud-mgnt. off.(O-4) 3-20-60
Gyenes, Alfred, coms. spec. (S-5) 6-18-63
Lang, Archie S., 2d sec.; g.s.o. (O-4) 2-3-63
Pitman, Chalmer E., coms rec. supvr. (S-4) 3-17-63
Roehner, Gwen M., nurse (S-5) 8-4-63
Warner, Ronald J., asst. att.; adm. spec. (S-5) 6-14-63
Wright, Ida M., coms. supvr. (S-5) 11-11-62


Bouton, Norman M., 3d sec.; v.c.; FSO gen. (O-7) 7-8-62
Friedman, Townsend B., Jr., 3d sec.; v.c,; FSO gen. (O-8) 12-23-62
Jennings, Mary C., att.; social welfare off. (R-4) 2-20-63
Johnson, Peter B., 3d sec.; v.c.; FSO gen. (O-7) 1-19-64
Rauscher, Dorothy J., supvr. instr. (R-4) 6-14-59
Zweifel, David E., 3d sec.; v.c.; FSO gen. (O-7) 10-14-62

Walters, Col. Vernon A., army att. 9-20-62
Ireland, Capt. James M., n.a./n.a.a 1-14-60
Kalb, Col. Robert D., air att. 1-4-60
Connelly, Maj. Frank P., Jr., asst. army att. 1-13-61
Dillon, Lt. (jg) Francis P., a.n.a./ a.n.a.a 10-30-62
Barbee, Maj. Bud, asst. air att. 8-26-63
Kahl, Capt. Raymond W., Jr., asst. air att. 6-12-61

Milam, Ford M., agri. att. 6-15-59
Kinzhuber, Rado J., att. 4-17-62
Mears, Leon G., asst. att. 11-23-63


Kubish, Jack B., dir., pers. rank min. (O-1)
Howe, James W., dep. dir. (R-1)


Guerin, Faustin A., exec. off. (R-2)
Macdonald, Frank J., asst. exec. off. (R-4)


Olnick, Norman, controller (R-2)


Lion, Donor, asst. dir. plan. eval. (R-1)
Scherbak, Boris, spec. asst. prog. coord. (R-2)
Minges, Robert J., prog. off. (R-3)


Albers, Joseph E., health prog. asst. (R-7)
Anthony, George, electronic engr. (R-4)
Armstrong, Helen E., sec. (S-6)
Asay, Merril B., agri. educ. ad. (R-4)
Asper, James E., tech. aids coord. (R-3)
Baca, Ray R., pub. safety ad. (R-5)
Barber, Fred W., ext. ad. (R-4)
Beal, Donald E., aud. (R-5)
Bennett, Helen, rec. supvr. (S-6)
Bjorklund, Helen A., home ec. ad. (R-5)
Bodenlos, Alfred J., geol. (FC-4)
Boke, Adele T., asst. prog. off. (R-3)
Bower, Cecil L., highway engr. (FC-3)
Brailsford, Lawrence J., prog. anal. (R-6)
Brooks, Leonard D., agri. mktg. proc. ad. (R-4)
Campbell, Donald F., tech. ad. geol. (FC-5)
Carriker, Francis L., supply ad. (R-3)
Carter, Martha E., pers. off. (R-4)
Cashin, William E., pub. safety ad. (R-3)
Clark, Robert J., pub. safety ad. (R-5)
Clay, Robert J., labor tech. off. (R-3)
Clements, Leon J., pub. safety ad. (R-5)
Coonrod, L. George, agri. mktg. proc. ad. (R-4)
Curry, Charles D., agri. credit coop. ad. (R-3)
Decker, Howard S., trade-ind. educ. ad. (R-4)
Diggs, Ernest D., g.s.o. (R-5)
Edwards, Virginia L., sec. (S-6)
Ferri, Bernard, malaria spec. (R-4)
Franco, Daniel, aud. (R-5)
Gibson, John W., trng. ad. (R-4)
Gill, Charles J., supply ad. (R-4)
Glissendorf, Owen F., ext. ad. (R-5)
Gracey, Harry F., ind. develop. ad. (R-2)
Grazier, James A., coms. media ad. (R-4)
Grodsky, Morris, pub. safety ad. (R-4)
Herz, Norman, geol. (FC-5)
Hobbes, John C., agri. prog. asst. (R-4)
Hodges, Lewis H., trade-ind. educ. ad. (R-4)
Hood, Eugene, trade-ind. educ. ad. (R-5)
Horn, Francis H., supvr. electronics engr. (FC-3)
Hudson, LeVerne D., san. engr. (R-4)
Hughes, Paul W., geol. (R-4)
Huls, Ralph M., bus. mgr. (R-4)
Jessup, Frank A., chief pub. safety ad. (R-3)
Jones, Kenneth H., mech. engr. (R-5)
Keen, Harry C., pub. adm. ad. (R-3)
Kirwan, Robin M., agri. mktg. proc. ad. (R-4)
Knowlan, Charles J., Jr., asst. controller (R-4)
LaFalce, Carmelo P., pub. safety prog. asst. (R-6)
Landes, Jacobs H., epidemiologist (FC-4)
Lewis, James N., pub. safety ad. (R-3)
Lewis, Richard W., Jr., geol. (FC-6)
Little, Martin E., dep. chief educ. ad. (R-3)
Loomis, Richard P., malaria ad. (R-4)
Lopez, Francis X., cartog. (FC-6)
Losee, Garrie J., pub. adm. statist. (FC-5)
Marvin, Kenneth R., ext. ad. (R-4)
Miller, Ralph E., agri. credit ad. (R-4)
Mitchell, Tom, aud. (R-5)
Nelson, Charles E., legal ad. (R-3)
Newberg, Richard R., food-agri. off. (R-2)
Nichols, Elwood S., supply ad. (R-3)
Oley, William H., aud. (R-5)
Parker, Edlow G., pub. adm. ad. (R-3)
Paxson, William B., asst. prog. off. (R-4)
Peabody, John D., asst. prog. off. (R-7)
Pease, George, pub. adm. ad. (R-3)
Pereles, Richard M., capital projs. off. (R-3)
Pollard, Albert W., soils ad. (land class). (R-3)
Prouty, Gordon K., reports off. (R-4)
Ream, Howard W., agri. ad. (R-3)
Regnier, Arthur V., Jr., malaria ad. (FC-4)
Reinhold, Robert W., pub. adm. ad. (R-3)
Rocker, Sidney, pub. safety ad. (R-4)
Ross, Mildred, elem. educ. ad. (R-5)
Savage, Harold L., health educ. ad. (R-5)
Schatz, Robert J., san. engr. (R-3)
Schoff, Stuart L., geol. (FC-4)
Schroeder, Clayton L., agri. ad. (R-3)
Schwartz, Arnold J., ind. develop. ad. (R-3)
Shirley, Charles E., gen. engr. (R-2)
Skirvin, Kenneth W., coms. media ad. (R-4)
Smith, Phillip D., agri. coop. ad. (R-5)
Stack, Thomas P., pub. safety ad. (R-3)
Tate, Lawrence J., coms. media off. (R-2)
Theodorides, Angelos, prop. ec. (R-3)
Troyer, Max L., geol. (FC-5)
Wagner, Edmund G., san. engr. (R-2)
Warrens, Robert H., dep. food-agri. off. (R-3)
Wenburg, Wayne Q.O., soils ad. (R-4)
Weyland, Walter, dep. chief pub. safety (R-4)
Wight, Leon, aud. (R-6)
Wisdom, Robert W., asst. foods prog. off. (R-4)
Wolf, Leonard G., tech. coop. ad. (R-1)

Coleman, George M., Jr., dep. PC rep. (R-3)
Brown, William N., assoc. PC rep. (R-4)
Castellino, Ronald A., PC phys. (R-5)
Estrin, Alexander I., assoc. PC rep. (R-6)
Fanning, Leo C., assoc. PC rep. (R-4)
Hartfield, Ann C., assoc. PC rep. (R-7)
Lopes, Phillip M., assoc. PC rep. (R-8)
Marasciulo, Joan M., assoc. PC rep. (R-5)
Miller, Louis L., assoc. PC rep. (R-5)
Rosenfeld, Howard L., PC phys. (R-5)
Watson, Jean A., sec. (S-6)

Oram, Frank H., Jr., couns. pub. aff. (cR-1)
Boerner, Alfred V., couns. pub. aff. (cR-1)
Ware, Hoyt N., dep. pub. aff. off.; att. (cR-2)
Bishop, Bruce A., asst. info. off.; asst. att. (R-5)
Boehrer, George C.A., cult. aff. off.; att. (R-3)
Borup, Edgar S., asst. cult. aff. off.; att. (cR-4)
Bristow, William D., info. off.; att. (cR-4)
Cooper, George W., press off.; att. (R-4)
Estes, Lawrence D., asst. book off. (cR-7)
Fielden, Bert S., exec. off.; att. (R-3)
French, Graham K., asst. cult. aff. off. (R-5)
Hanson, Helen S., asst. cult. aff. off. (cR-6)
Harrigan, John J., pub. aff. trainee (cR-8)
James, Alan E., Sr., book off. (R-3)
Kent, Robert J., radio off. (R-4)
Kopp, Alice E., asst. cult. aff. off. (R-6)
Lane, Jonathan, prog. resch. off. (R-5)
McArdle, Francis J., prog. off.; att. (R-3)
Mertz, Charles T., motion picture off. (S-1)
Morad, James L., asst. cult. aff. off. (cR-6)
Nieberg, Patrick E., info. off.; att. (R-3)
Snow, Robert S., pub. aff. trainee (cR-7)
Stirling, Robert B., asst. press off. (R-5)
Vince, John J., TV prod. off. (S-2)
Zubrinsky, Aida, exec. sec. (S-6)

Brasilia Office

Dean, Robert W., couns.; pol. off. (O-2) 7-21-63
Beal, Williams, 1st sec.; cons.; ec. off. (O-3) 3-17-63
Bentley, Robert B., 3d sec.; v.c.; FSO gen. (O-8) 3-17-63
Desmond, Timothy J., att.; pol. off. (R-5) 4-15-62
Gershenson, Robert S., 2d sec.; cons.; adm. off. (O-5) 12-10-61
Hammond, Charles L., bldg-maint. engr. (S-4) 11-7-62
Keyser, C. Dirck, 2d sec.; cons.; pol. off. (O-4) 10-14-62
McCulley, Ralph M., gen. sers. asst. (S-6) 7-9-61
McLean, J. Phillip, 3d sec.; v.c.; FSO gen. (O-8) 8-5-62
Weiner, Harry, 2d sec.; cons.; pol. off. (O-5) 12-24-61

Prior, J. Russell, pub. safety ad. (R-3)
Stigberg, Roy E., pub. safety ad. (R-5)
Weatherwax, Robert J., pub. safety ad. (R-4)

Shetterly, Howard E., br. pub. aff. off.; att. (R-4)
Bailey, Dale S., cult. aff. off. (R-5)
Ryan, Harry B., info. off. (cR-6)

Belem, Para (C)

Bloom, Hyman, cons. (O-5) 11-25-62
Ebert, Louis V. III, v.c. (R-6) 8-19-62
Eisner, Adolph H., v.c. (O-7) 8-4-63

Rotundo, Vincent, br. pub. aff. off.; v.c. (cR-4)

    Manaus, Amazonas (CA)

Bowmer, Noel S., cons. agt. 5-4-58

    Sao Luiz, Maranhao (CA)

Moses, Thomas, cons. agt. 7-17-48

Belo Horizonte (C)

Okun, Herbert S., cons. (O-4) 12-22-63
da Silveira, Edmund A., cons. (O-4) 6-26-60
Laser, Lawrence C., v.c. (R-6) 4-1-62
Scarfo, Richard D., v.c. (O-7) 10-13-63

Laurie, Annie, elem. educ. ad. (R-4)
Mitrione, Dan A., pub. safety ad. (R-5)
Perry, Lenelle, elem. educ. ad. (R-5)
Whittle, Boyd T., livestock ad. (R-4)

Martinez, Quino E., assoc. PC rep. (R-4)

Halle, Elinor J., br. pub. aff. off.; v.c. (cR-3)

Curitiba, Parana (C)

Feldman, Arthur W., cons. (O-5) 4-15-62
Burton, Stewart D., v.c. (R-5) 3-18-62
Gilbertson, Gerald D., v.c. (O-7) 10-14-62

Gerbracht, Carlton J., trade-ind. educ. ad. (R-3)
Mertz, Walter W., trade-ind. educ. ad. (R-5)
Oeffinger, Ralph H., trade-ind. educ. ad. (R-5)
Paine, Harry W., trade-ind. educ. ad. (R-4)
Pillifant, Thomas H., area pub. safety ad. (R-4)

Brettell, John A., br. pub. aff. off.; v.c. (R-6)

Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul (C)

Duffield, Thomas J., cons. (O-3) 11-11-62
Bumpus, James N., v.c. (O-8) 7-29-62
Graham, William I., adm. asst. (S-5) 9-4-60
Laybourne, Wesley L., v.c. (R-6) 4-15-62
McLain, W. Douglas, Jr., v.c. (O-6) 7-8-62
Whistler, Leonard, pol. off. (R-7) 12-8-63

Bowen, Richard L., geol. (FC-6)
Langley, Glenn S., soils ad. (R-5)
Olson, William H., ext. ad. (R-4)
Robinson, James, livestock ad. (R-4)

Fawcett, Jack B., br. pub. aff. off.; v.c. (cR-4)
Barnhart, David H., br. pub. off. off. (cR-4)

Recife, Pernambuco (CG)

Rowell, Edward J., cons. gen.; pers. rank min. (O-1) 4-14-63
Godfrey, Richard A., cons. (O-3) 9-15-63
Cariddi, Charles A., v.c. (O-6) 7-22-62
Creane, Stephen F., pol. off. (R-6) 2-2-64
de Vos, Peter Jon, v.c. (O-7) 10-28-62
Exton, Fred, Jr., cons. (O-5) 11-10-63
Frizzell, Arthur P., cons. (R-4) 1-31-62
Granzow, Elizabeth, nurse (S-5) 8-18-63
Hinchcliff, Harold, Jr., gen. clk. (S-6) 2-18-62
MacDougall, Hugh C., v.c. (O-6) 12-22-63
Mestres, Lee G., v.c. (R-8) 10-27-63
O'Donnell, Thomas J., FSO gen. (O-7) 12-17-61

Luzzatto, Bruno B., assoc. dir. (R-1)
Dieffenderfer, John C., assoc. dir. (R-1)
Byrnes, Arthur F., dep. assoc. dir. (R-2)
Bair, William D., asst. food-for-peace off. (R-5)
Bell, Forrest G., agron. ad. (R-3)
Beran, Donald L., coms. develop. ad. (R-3)
Chamberlain, Robert L., asst. prog. off. (R-6)
Cullivan, Donald E., asst. community water supply ad. (R-5)
Cornell, Ezra B., highway engr. (R-4)
Culverwell, Donald H., ind. develop. ad. (R-3)
Dill, Alvin C., Jr., electronic engr. (R-3)
Dunlop, John H., asst. foods prog. off. (R-4)
Finberg, Donald R., asst. prog. off. (R-3)
Finks, Clark E., prog. anal. (R-7)
Hagen, Stanley C., educ. ad. (R-4)
Hansell, J. Wesley, food agri. off. (R-3)
Hargreaves, George H., water resources ad. (R-3)
Hawbaker, George D., ind. develop. ad. (R-4)
Haynes, James L., agron. ad. (R-3)
Houska, James E., trng. off. (R-4)
Hunt, Lester M., Jr., g.s.o. (R-6)
Huseby, A.W., elec. engr. (R-2)
lmmerdauer, Bernard, ec. ad. (R-5)
Javrotsky, Igor, dep. prog. off. (R-5)
Johnson, Charles J., surface water hydrol. (R-5)
Keithahn, Luella M., elem. ed. ad. (R-4)
Laflin, W. Alan, develop. off. (R-2)
Langley, Edgar N., ext. ad. (R-4)
Leiby, George M., chief pub. health ad. (R-2)
Letts, Thomas C., elem. ed. ad. (R-3)
Logan, John A., geol. (R-4)
Maher, James O., food prog. off. (R-4)
McCormick, Chester, elem. ed. ad. (R-3)
McElfresh, Francis H., hwy. engr. (FC-4)
McElroy, Barbara C., bud-acctg. off. (R-6)
Miller, Martin B., hsg. ad. (R-4)
Morales-Perez, Herson E., health educ. ad. (R-4)
Morrison, Henry B., livestock ad. (R-3)
Murray, Virginia M., prog. asst. (R-6)
Nowak, Stanley S., asst. controller (R-4)
Paschal, James L., agri. econ. (R-4)
Perina, George J., asst. exec. off. (R-4)
Peterson, Robert R., dep. food prog. off. (R-3)
Reed, Lowell H., field support off. (R-7)
Santos, Reinaldo C.. exec. off. (R-3)
Schlomann, Ernst A., coms. media ad. (R-3)
Schwab, Philip R., educ. ad. (R-3)
Sinclair, William R., geol. (R-7)
Snell, Leonard H., surface water hydrol. (FC-4)
Sparks, Jack L., agri. engr. (R-4)
Stillman, George, coms. media ad. (R-4)
Van Winkle, Richard D., pub. safety ad. (R-5)
Weeber, Richard P., gen. engr. (R-2)
Wiggin, Charles B., prog. off. (R-2)
Wilder, Wilma M., pers. asst. (R-6)
Wiler, Laurence F. san. engr. (R-4)
Willette, Francis A., asst. prog. off. (R-6)

Tesh, Robert B., PC phys. (R-5)

McGillivray, James H., reg. pub. aff. off.; cons. (cR-2)
Challinor, John R., cult. aff. off. (cR-5)
Gaddie, George L., mobile unit off. (cR-5)
Tucker, Creed D., info. off.; v.c. (R-5)
Villarreal, G. Claude, pub. aff. ad.; v.c. (cR-4)
Williams, Stanley E., br. pub. aff. off. (Fortaleza) (R-5)

Salvador, Bahia (C)

Midkiff, Harold M., cons. (O-3) 9-30-62
Hennessy, John W., v.c. (R-6) 7-21-63
Matthews, Wade H.B., v.c. (O-6) 4-29-62
Service, Robert E., v.c. (O-7) 3-1-64

McCloskey, Richard G., br. pub. off. off.; cons. (cR-3)

Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo (CG)

Bond, Niles W., cons. gen.; pers. rank min. (O-1) 1-19-64
Lyon, Scott C., cons. (O-2) 2-18-62
Achen, Lewis P., pol. off. (R-5) 12-23-63
Barnes, Kyle D., cons. (O-5) 5-29-60
Biggane, Helen, cons. (O-4) 1-19-64
Desmond, Richard C., cons. (O-3) 3-4-62
Ginnold, Richard E., v.c. (O-7) 9-30-63
Graham, John R., adm. asst. (S-6) 4-28-63
Guaderrama, Ernest S., cons. (O-4) 5-14-61
Heflin, Martin G., v.c. (O-7) 9-30-62
Hessler, Evelyn R., cons. (O-5) 7-7-63
Jelinek, Herman J., cons. (R-3) 12-12-60
Kanes, Donald K., pol. off. (R-7) 2-28-64
Kenney, John J., v.c. (S-6) 4-28-63
Liebof, Jack, cons. (O-5) 7-23-61
Nemchik, Theresa M., sec. (S-5) 1-6-63
Proper, Datus C., v.c. (O-6) 6-25-61
Reynolds, Robert, cons. (R-4) 7-8-62
Saudade, Gil M., cons.; pol. off. (R-5) 10-13-63
Smyth, Calvin M., cons.; pol. off. (R-5) 1-29-63

Thorburn, Winston G., agri. off. 6-26-61

Costello, Peter F., pub. safety ad. (R-4)
Faulds, Vincent R., trade-ind. educ. ad. (R-4)
Hill, Glen A., pub. safety ad. (FC-4)
Tolbert, Gene E., geol. (FC-5)

Dickens, Fred W., br. pub. aff. off.; cons. (cR-3)
Cohen, Alvin H., cult. aff. off. (cR-4)
Mason, John A., Jr., info. off.; cons. (cR-4)
Morrison, Dale A., pub. aff. trainee (cR-7)
Shelby, Barbara M., asst. cult. aff. off. (cR-6)

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