Spotlight, Washington DC. Published from 1975-2001. Some of the staff started a new paper, American Free Press (

This weekly tabloid had 28 pages with some advertising, photos, and a circulation of over 100,000. It was published from 1975-2001 by Liberty Lobby, which was a populist organization founded by Willis Carto. The left was always calling Carto a right-wing anti-Semite, but we found only rare hints of international Jewish banking conspiracies or the like in The Spotlight. It's not the sort of tabloid we would produce, but it covered important material that its critics on the left had ignored in recent years. Spotlight was loosely allied with critics we respect such as Victor Marchetti, Fletcher Prouty, and Mark Lane, and with a broad spectrum of populists. Basically they were anti-elitist, opposed the Gulf War, wanted the JFK assassination reinvestigated, and felt that corruption and conspiracies can be found in high places.

Spotlight went beyond the usual right-wing conspiracy theories concerning the Rockefellers, Kissinger, the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateralism, and Bilderberg; they also targeted George Bush, the CIA, and "one world" foreign policy. They believed in the Constitution and Populism, which is dubiously vague. But we preferred to index the names in selected Spotlight articles than continue to index the left's denunciations of them. If the left had covered the same issues, we would have changed our mind.

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